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Walsh / Super Excavators JV – Low Bid on the Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer Project, NEORSD

On August 20th, Walsh / Super Excavators – JV, were low bidder on the Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer Project for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.  The project includes:

*Approximately 7,000 linear feet of 72-inch diameter relief sewer via MTBM;

*Open-cut construction of approximately 2,200 linear feet of sewer ranging from 24-inch to 108-inch diameter

*Trenchless construction in rock of approximately 600 linear feet of 36-inch diameter sewer

*Trenchless construction in soft ground of approximately 3,300 linear feet of 36-inch and 48-inch diameter sewer

*Sewer flow diversions, Regulating structures, Tie-in Connections to the existing Dugway Culverts, modifications to thirty-nine (39) existing combined sewer flow regulating structures and demolition of eight (8) buildings.

The Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer is part of a network of sewers and tunnels being constructed to drastically reduce combined sewer overflows.  Super Excavators is very excited to embark on this project, and future tunneling projects in the Cleveland area.