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Super Excavators provides a comprehensive range of deep foundation and earth retention systems. Our expert team works efficiently and safely, even in tight spaces, to meet all your foundation needs.

Our capabilities include deep foundation and earth retention systems including drilled shafts, driven piles, micropiles, sheet pile cofferdams, soil nail earth retention systems, soldier pile and lagging systems, specialty drilling and excavation, helical pier foundations and tiebacks, specialty grouting and slope stabilization systems. 

When combined with our other services, we can drill a 1-inch diameter grouted tie rod to an 18-foot diameter access shaft. We bury our best work underground!

Types of Foundations

Drilled Shafts: Used to support structures with large axial and lateral loads by excavating cylindrical shafts into the ground and filling them with concrete. We can install drilled shafts from 2-feet to 10-feet diameter up to 150 feet deep to support axial forces.

Driven Piles: The oldest form of deep foundation drives prefabricated deep foundations into the ground with a pile driver to a design depth or resistance. We drive steel piles deep into the soil with powerful hydraulics to reach loading bearing strata.   

Micropiles: A deep foundation element constructed using high-strength, small-diameter steel casing and/or threaded bars. We use micropiles where difficult access, low overhead, or challenging drilling conditions prevent using other types of deep foundations.

Sheet Pile Cofferdams: These long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system create a continuous wall to retain soil or water. Sheet Pile Cofferdams transfer pressure from the wall’s high side to the soil in front of the wall.

Soil Nail Earth Retention Systems: An earth retention system used for deep excavations. Soil Nail Earth Retention Systems reinforce soil mass to provide stability for landslides, cut slopes and deep excavations.

Soldier Pile and Lagging System: We vertically drive or drill soldier piles into the earth at regular intervals prior to excavation. Varied in size, Soldier Piles and Lagging Systems provide support tailored to a site’s geological conditions. 

Helical Pier Foundations and Tiebacks: A segmented deep foundation system with helical bearing plates welded to a central circular or square shaft. The foundation transfers load from the shaft to the soil through the helical bearing plates.

Slope Stabilization: This method retains soil in situations where there is a natural, unstable slope or in man-made excavations. We draw on extensive stabilization experience to develop optimal stabilization solutions for each site.

Ready to dig deep with quality, expertise, and safety?
Super Excavators understands that every project demands tailored solutions that rely on deep expertise, a focus on innovation, cutting-edge equipment, and a constant eye on safety. Contact us today to bid on your RFP or to answer your tunneling questions.