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Safety First

Safety guides everything that we do. Super Excavators maintains a full fleet of equipment operated by experienced crews. Our experts operate these innovative tools and equipment in complex and dangerous environments. Keeping operators well trained, equipment in top working order, and maintaining a safe site prevents unnecessary accidents and safety violations.

Risk Assessments

We perform risk assessments before starting a project. The assessment identifies potential safety hazards and risks, then develops safety protocols to address each one.  

Safety Managers

We assign a safety manager to every site. This expert monitors dust and silica in the air and tracks adherence to OSHA and MSHA regulations and overall site safety. 

Job Site Updates

Toolbox Talks and daily reports with the staff review job site trends and safety records to keep safety top of mind for everyone involved. 

Employee Training

We train operators in OSHA and MSHA regulations, hazmat procedures, and equipment operation. We perform random drug tests. Operators spend off hours cross training to gain additional equipment certifications. 

Equipment Maintenance

Our full-service in-house maintenance crew performs regular maintenance to keep equipment functioning as intended. Their work prevents accidents and unnecessary project delays.

Ready to dig deep with quality, expertise, and safety?
Super Excavators understands that every project demands tailored solutions that rely on deep expertise, a focus on innovation, cutting-edge equipment, and a constant eye on safety. Contact us today to bid on your RFP or to answer your tunneling questions.