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Open Cut Utilities

Super Excavators traces its open cut trenching of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water mains back to its roots in 1950. Our experts perform this service for municipalities, developers, and industrial Sites. Our firm will do this work in any type of ground condition and no job is too big.  

We run six open cut crews, a testing crew, and one restoration crew, and combine this expertise with an innovative management staff that keeps projects on schedule to meet tough deadlines. Super Excavators offers one of the finest labor forces in the State of Wisconsin and a commendable safety record.

Teams staffed by the finest open cut professionals around, innovative equipment and tools, and a strong safety culture allow Super Excavators to complete complex open cut projects on time and deliver a commendable safety record. 

What is Open Cut Trenching?

Open cut trenching is a traditional and popular method of sewer construction, repair or replacement. We excavate a trench to expose all existing pipe or a section, repair or replace the pipe, then backfill the trench. 

Open Cut Trenching Benefits

Open cut trenching provides a host of advantages:

  • Cost-effectively replace older and smaller pipes with larger piping 
  • Increase the lifespan of an aged system
  • Applicable for collapsed or broken pipe or pipe blocked by heavy roots
Ready to dig deep with quality, expertise, and safety?
Super Excavators understands that every project demands tailored solutions that rely on deep expertise, a focus on innovation, cutting-edge equipment, and a constant eye on safety. Contact us today to bid on your RFP or to answer your tunneling questions.