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TBM Lowered into Launch Shaft for Reedy River Tunnel Project

Our team in South Carolina has been making significant progress on the Reedy River Tunnel Project, and the job continues to maintain project schedule. As of December 2019, work on the Diversion Structure, Drop Shaft, and Starter Tunnel is now complete. The double shilded rock gripper TBM was placed in the 40 foot ID, 40 foot deep, launch shaft on December 4th. Mining is schedule to begin in January 2020. The TBM will excavate a 6,000 linear foot, 130” rock tunnel at depths ranging from 40 to 130 feet below ground surface. Tunnel will be mined in intact Gneiss bedrock. After tunneling is complete, a 84” carrier pipe (Hobas CCFRPM Pipe) will be grouted in place.