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Superior Stones CSO Improvement Project

Location: Cleveland, OH
Owner: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Completed: October 2017

The Superior-Stones Levee CSO Improvement was part of a new sanitary sewer system being constructed by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (the District) in the historic Flats area of City of Cleveland.  Super Excavators provided a Subcontract to Independence Contracting for a 765-ft microtunneling run which included a contractor-designed curved alignment at a 5.5 percent slope.  For this project, we employeed our Akkerman SL60 MTBM 62.5” OD) equipped with a mixed-face disc cutter head to handle the stiff silty clay soils.  The 48-in. (1,200 mm), 765-lf. (233m) microtunnel was completed in just 14 days of mining while abiding by a 12-hour a day construction ordinance.