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Sheridan Road, STH 32

Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin
Owner: Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Completed: November 2008

This project entailed reconstructing the last leg of STH 32 on the north side of Kenosha – a four lane road reconstruction with extensive underground utility installation, pavement marking, asphaltic pavement, and common excavation.  Super Excavators installed 13,602 lineal feet of 16″ water main, 800 lineal feet of 12″ water main, 3,162 lineal feet of 8″ water main, 25 each 16″ butterfly valves, 4 each 12″ butterfly valves, and 44 each of 8″ gate valves.  All piping was installed using open cut methodologies and whas built in several phases over a two year period.  There were many challenges on this project including deep storm sewer installations, contaminated soils, and working under traffic at all times. There were many existing utilities to work around, but our guys did a great job of protecting the public!