Super Excavators began tunneling many years ago.

In 1985 when Super Excavator’s began to expand from underground utilities into the tunneling market, it mostly involved hand mining tunnels.  Beginning in the 1990’s, we expanded further into large scale TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) projects.  Since then, we have gained tremendous experience in both soft ground and rock tunneling.  The projects that we have successfully completed range in various sizes, from four feet up to twenty-three feet in diameter.  Tunnel lining applications include jacking pipe, pre-cast segmental lining, as well as ribs and lagging with reinforced concrete pipe lining grouted in place.  There are many advantages to tunneling including limiting disturbances, reduced costs of utility and facility relocations, and environmental considerations.  Super Excavators has found success and new challenges in this marketplace and looks forward to continued success in this highly specialized area of construction.

MMSD-Deep Tunnel Inspection