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SEI Successfully Completes DWIRS Microtunneling Project Ahead of Schedule

SEI’s crews are headed home today nearly 60-days ahead of scheduled completion on the Dugway West Interceptor Relief Sewer Project!  At its own initiative, SEI submitted a Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP) for design modifications for the project which introduced a 700 LF 72-inch tunnel curve in the alignment, replacing three shorter straight drives, and relocating one structure. Benefits from the design modifications in the VECP included reduced community impacts and maintenance costs from elimination of the construction of two shafts in a residential neighborhood. These changes also accelerated the overall project construction, enabling completion 60 days ahead of schedule. 

In total, SEI constructed approximately 7,000 LF of 72-inch RCP and 4,000 LF of 48-inch RCP microtunnel.  In total there were 17 separate drives of varying lengths with the longest being 1079 LF.  Depths ranged from 25 – 32 feet with the deepest drive at 42 feet.  Nine launch shafts and 11 receiving pits were constructed – one launch shaft and one receiving pit were eliminated from the original project design through implementation of the VECP design modifications.