Woonasquatucket CSO Interceptor

Providence, RI
Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC)
March 2014

This project was located in Historic Providence, Rhode Island, and included approximately 12,000 linear feet of microtunneling pipeline ranging in diameter from 30” - 70”. The microtunneling work was divided into twenty-two drives, and included: 618 ft of 30-in. RCP in two drives; 149 lf of 36-in. HOBAS pipe in one drive; 4,423 lf of 48-in. RCP in seven drives; 743 lf of 54-in. RCP in two drives; 2,063 lf of 60-in. RCP in four drives; and 3,980 lf of 72-in. RCP in six drives. SEI’s longest drive was achieved in mid-June, representing 1,073 lf of 48-in. ID RCP with the SL60 machine.  For this project, SEI utilized three MTBM machines: the Akkerman SL74, Akkerman SL60, and Akkerman SL36 MTBM. The ground conditions consisted of saturated sands and silts.