Reedy River Basin Sewer Tunnel

Greenville, South Carolina
Renewable Water Resources (ReWA)
June 2020

This project includes construction of 6,000 LF of 130” ID rock tunnel with 84” carrier pipe (Hobas CCFRPM Pipe) grouted in place. Tunnel depth ranges from 40 to 130 feet below ground surface, and will be mined in intact Gneiss bedrock using a double shielded rock gripper TBM manufactured by Lovsuns Canada. Tunneling requires construction of a 40 foot ID by 40 foot deep launch shaft and 30 foot ID by 130 foot deep receiving shaft. Shaft construction to consist of liner plate and rock dowels with wire mesh. 

As of Spring 2019, project is at 20% completion, including the completion of the 60" river crossing, and work beginning on the 14' arched set starter tunnel.  TBM Tunneling is scheduled to begin in Summer 2019.

Video: "Dig Greenville makes History with 6,000-foot underground sewer tunnel"