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Oak Creek Interceptor

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Owner: Milwaukee Metro Sewerage District
Completed: May 2005

Installation of 6,680 lineal feet of 30″ reinforced concrete pipe sanitary sewer using microtunnel technology.    The longest single drive on this project was 620 lineal feet. Soil conditions changed often throughout the project encountering Clay, Sands and Silt, boulders, and low blow count soils.  Also included were 15 construction work shafts varying in depth from 40′ to 70′ deep.  Concrete manholes or drop structures were built in each construction work shaft.  This project was completed in May of 2005 and is a relief sewer that will serve future development in the Oak Creek area as well as eliminate the need for the existing Lift Station. This trenchless technology helped prevent disturbance to the existing wetland and caused little surface disruption.