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INDOT Drainage Project Breaks Records

On February 3, 2020, Super Excavators, Inc. broke a record completing a 2,300 linear foot drive of center drive MTBM tunnel! This was also a record for MTBM manufacturer, Akkerman, for this machine, as well as the longest Drive using the AZ100 Guidance System, and the longest Drive using only 3 Total Stations of AZ100 Guidance System. The Subcontract, provided to Midwest Mole, was preformed in order to create two off site drainage outfall storm sewers which will carry roadway drainage to the west of SR 37 to natural surface water bodies. In total, our team completed four drives: 1900 LF, 1000 LF, 650 LF, and 2300 LF. SX Foundations provided shaft construction support with secant shafts up to 44 vertical feet.