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Digging Deeper

With Quality,
Expertise & Safety
Complex civil sewer and water tunneling projects demand experts with deep expertise, a focus on innovation, a foundation of cutting-edge equipment, and a culture of safety. Super Excavators draws on 70+ years of experience to deliver advanced tunneling capabilities for projects in the U.S. and Canada. We put quality people behind every project to produce results on time and on budget. One-of-a-kind and challenging tunneling projects are our specialty. Skilled project engineers drive innovation with cutting-edge tools and equipment designed to solve the toughest tunneling challenges.
A Partner
You can Trust
Transparent about project
progress and challenges.
Innovative tools & equipment
for complex projects.
on the Job
Experienced project managers
for on-the-job safety.
Advanced Capabilities

With extensive experience in a varied array of construction methods, we minimize the need to subcontract work to other companies. Super Excavators manages site preparation and foundation work, grading services, tunneling jobs, pipe rehabs and repairs.


Tunneling services for 4-foot to 23-foot diameter tunnels and tunnel lining applications including jacking pipe, pre-cast segmental lining, ribs and lagging with reinforced concrete pipe lining grouted in place.

Advanced microtunneling services safely produce tunnels from 24 inches to 85 inches in diameter, in varying ground conditions from wet sands and silts to cobbles/boulders and even solid bedrock.
Deep foundation and earth retention systems for any project. Our work includes drilled shafts, driven piles, micropiles, earth retention systems, specialty drilling and excavation, grouting and slope stabilization and more.
Open Cut Utilities
Open cut trenching of sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water mains to cost effectively replace older and smaller pipes with larger piping and increase the lifespan of an aged system.
Grading services for site preparation that rely on GPS technology for increased accuracy and efficiency. We install new roadways and parking lots, perform river re-alignment, and conduct shoreline restoration.
Slip Lining
Performing trenchless structural rehabilitation of existing pipe minimally impacts traffic and reduces surface disruption while offering a more cost effective and reliable approach than open cut or cured in-place solutions.
Pipe Bursting
Pipe bursting rehabs existing pipelines by pulling a new pipe into an existing pipe, statically or pneumatically. The process lowers surface restoration costs, reduces surface disruptions, and minimizes traffic disruption.
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Super Excavator has safely and expertly delivered tunneling projects since the 1950s.
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Ready to dig deep with quality, expertise, and safety?
Super Excavators understands that every project demands tailored solutions that rely on deep expertise, a focus on innovation, cutting-edge equipment, and a constant eye on safety. Contact us today to bid on your RFP or to answer your tunneling questions.