Combine Sewer West Canal Street

Milwaukee, WI
City of Milwaukee, Department of Public Works
October 2006

The Canal Street project was a very difficult open cut sewer installation. The soils were wet sands, silts, and organics with low blow counts.  The trench was excavated using steel sheeting and placing the piping on piles in with a concrete cradle below the pipe. Canal street resides next to the Milwaukee River which was relocated many years ago, so when we excavating for the pipe installation we encountered old dock walls, piling, and rubble. The sewer being installed was upsizing an existing sewer in the street and the cross connections required extensive by pass pumping of existing flows.  This project required tremendous coordination with the City of Milwaukee and the many businesses that reside in this corridor. The project had to be built in phases in order to accommodate traffic. The project had a very difficult schedule and was completed on time.